Family Law

We at Lockhart + Cleary understand that all matters of family law need to be treated with sensitivity and professionalism. We specialise in:-

• Divorce –  
Where the parties to a marriage have been living apart for in excess of 4 of the previous 5 years and wish to divorce an application to the Court is required.

• Separation – 
Where parties to a Marriage wish to live apart. This can be done by way of either a Separation Agreement which is negotiated between the parties or a Judicial Separation which is decided upon by the Court.

• Nullity-
Where a Marriage and all its legal implications is cancelled and the parties to the marriage are in the position as if they had never been married.

• Access-
Where one parent is seeking to spend time with their child or children and the other party may not be in agreement as to the details of same.

• Guardianship-
This is who is responsible for decisions relating to the Child such as passport applications.

• Custody- 
This is who looks after the Child on a day to day basis.

• Maintenance- 
This is financial support given by a parent to support a child or children or a spouse and if not agreed between the parties needs to be set by the Court.

• Safety and barring orders- 
This is where a spouse is in such fear for their safety that they require an order preventing the other spouse from entering into the marital home or from carrying out threatning or abusive behaviour including acts of domestic violence towards the spouse seeking the order.

• Child Welfare-
These are where the Health Service Executive take control of Children for the safety and welfare of the Child or reports on the welfare of the child.